Room 16 Services & Features

Our facility has a cool vibe and relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. The studio was designed to capture the warm and natural sound of your project. Our experienced and dedicated staff focuses on you and not the clock. We are always updating our facilities and offer state of the art equipment – in both digital and analog formats.We have a brand new hybrid recording studio. Our rates are extremely competitive and our results always exceptional. Feel free to look around our site and contact us with any questions.

About Us

Room 16 was built with a very specific vision: Create the perfect environment to facilitate the achievement of sound recordings exceeding client’s expectations at an affordable price. What does that mean? You won’t find another studio that achieves recordings of such high quality for this price anywhere. We’re so convinced you’ll love working with us that we’re offering a free hour for first-time clients! Give us a call for more information. Robert Stojak (Senior Engineer of Room 16 Studio) is a seasoned veteran of the recording industry. He has worked with thousands of musicians, voiceover professionals, producers and corporations on a variety of projects ranging from Garage Punk bands to radio advertising production and product sound design. He prides himself on becoming personally invested in every project he touches. His attention to detail is outstanding and he has a natural ear for what “works” and what doesn’t. As a producer he has an intuitive approach to achieving the best possible recording without diluting the artist’s style and identity. As an engineer he is focused and task-oriented with a balance of efficiency, no-stress, and a great sense of humor. Rob is truly a pleasure to work with.


Room 16 Services and Features: 4 Isolation Areas Capable of recording live bands in total isolation for greater control of the mix. High-End Analog Outboard Gear We offer both digital and analog mixing This is important to consider. There is a big difference in how your mix sounds when run through a good mixer, preamps and outboard gear rather than simply “mixed in the computer”. Custom Beats Designed In-House We’ll design beats you can purchase for your use only, we’ll never “resell” customized beats. Wide Range of Instruments Available for Your Use Electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amps, keyboard / digital piano, studio-quality drums, etc. Instruction on ProTools and Recording Techniques Custom instruction and classes available. Call us for more information.