El Cajon Info

Need a rehearsal facility that offers weekly, daily, or hourly space?  We’ve got you covered at Superior Sound!  To best accommodate you, we offer several different priced rooms to choose from. We pride ourselves on making all of our studios accessible to everyone with any budget.  Having the different sized studios helps us find the right one that suits your specific needs.

Band rehearsal rooms vary in size.

Sample Room Rates:

Average Sizes / Some sizes vary

10×08 = $TBD Good for 3 piece

12×15 = $TBD Good for 3-4 piece

13×14 = $TBD Good for 4-5 piece

18×16 = $TBD Good for 5 piece

There are 2 ways to rehearse in our rehearsal rooms.

Rent A Private Rehearsal Room

This rehearsal room is meant for established bands looking to stop rehearsing in random places! This room is a private room, which means it’s your own personal rehearsal space. Here are a few reasons why you should rent your own private rehearsal room:

  •         You can decorate your rehearsal room.
  •         You can practice as loud as you want in your rehearsal room.
  •         You can access your rehearsal room at all hours of the night.
  •         You have your own key to your rehearsal room.
  •         You go to your rehearsal room when you are in between gigs.
  •         You store all your music and band gear in your rehearsal room.

Rent A Shared Space

Rent a rehearsal room that is not exclusively your private space.  Your rehearsal room is a shared space with other musicians.  This is a great option if you are an aspiring musician or just starting your band.

Late fees will apply if rent is not paid on time, and Superior Sound reserves the right to prevent entry until debts are settled. Superior Sound’s tenant rent can be paid in person in the office.