Since 1995, Superior Sound has provided San Diego with the region’s largest rehearsal facility. Our goal is to provide musicians with a professional, affordable, and comfortable rehearsal studio environment. If you are serious about your music, you won’t find a better environment to interact and create than at Superior Sound. We pride ourselves in providing you with the ultimate customer service experience. We are accessible for bookings around the clock.


“Easy management, good facilities, music. Can’t ask for more. The vending machines are also fairly priced which I appreciate. The air conditioning works (I think one wing went down in the summer, but our room avoided that problem)”

Naviz Z – San Diego, CA

“I’ve been rehearsing with two different bands sharing a room at Superior Sound for a little over 2 years now. First off, most rehearsal studios in San Diego are absolute garbage heaps, and the others are expensive and the rooms are tiny. Superior Sound on the other hand is completely different. Most importantly, the owner Scott is always around and is in constant communication with the bands. He is polite, respectful of your space and room while rehearsing, and on the ball when it comes to taking care of any issues. He is also willing to work with bands by providing services to them like an in-house recording studio with top of the line equipment. He is prompt when it comes to rent being paid on time, but that is a good thing because it keeps the drug users and dishonest people out of his establishment. There are vending machines and bathrooms and plenty of parking.

It is a 24hr place in a secure location that has security cameras everywhere. This makes it easy for bands like ours that have shows late at night and need to return to put our gear back. You will need to get a key for a security gate that does close at 10, but Scott will provide you with one. Other places in S.D. usually close at 10 and your stuck dragging a full stack up three flights of stairs to your apartment. Overall, I have no complaints.”

Brandy B – San Diego, CA

“So just about every band in San Diego has a studio room out here. I am very much a fan of the rehearsal space provided for bands considering neighbors and police love looking for noise violations. Superior Sound is the shelter for their reckless sound creations.

The building is large and industrial with ample amounts of rooms, I think there are over 20 rooms. I’ll have to check on that one. The rooms rented out are over 400 bucks a month which is not a hefty fee to pay for a service like this. Rooms are average sized and some have multilevel to them to get that “onstage feeling” to them.

The owner is super chill and makes his rounds quite frequently communicating with the bands but I hear is a stickler about rent money being on time.

Ample parking available and good networking opportunities with the bands who call the studio home.”

Amy S – San Diego, CA